Goldie Blox vs K'Nex: Building Block Toys Compared
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Goldie Blox vs K'Nex: Building Block Toys Compared

Goldie Blox is geared mostly for girls. The company approach is to use stories to teach girls how to build. In contrast, K'NEX is for both genders as well as those who are a little older. Many adults even enjoy K'NEX. The blocks are often more expensive, but they have more complexity in their parts than Goldie Blox.
Covered in this report
Goldie Blox — Best Features
Girl-centered with pink colors and animal characters.
Each set teaches a specific engineering concept overtly in the guide.
Best for: Those who have girls who are interested in engineering and related ideas.
K'NEX Industries — Best Features
Dozens of sets to choose from with themes like Mario, Angry birds and Pac-man.
Complex building sets like roller coasters, cranes, and even motorized vehicles.
Best for: Those who have kids who are a little older and who like complexity over guided stories.

Studies show overwhelmingly that giving building blocks to children helps them learn special skills and grow smarter faster. Different block companies are focused on different goals though. So which blocks would be the best for your children?


This product actually started as a Kickstarter project. It’s aimed specifically at young girls to help them get excited about engineering. Currently there world’s engineers are nearly 90% male. That’s why the motto of Goldieblox is “Disrupting the pink aisle.” The goal is to even the score and change the idea that building blocks are only toys for boys. Each set helps children learn a different engineering concept, and they all come with little animal figurines.


  • GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine-This one costs about thirty dollars  and it’s aimed at ages 4 to 9. It teaches about belt drives with a book, as well as 16 design ideas. It comes with 1 pegboard, 10 axles, 5 blocks, and so on.
  • Goldieblox and the Parade Float-This set is around 20 dollars and it teaches the wheel & axle concept. It has a storybook, wheels, blocks, different types of axles, a ribbon, bands, spacers, and animal figurines.
  • Blox & Bits Expansion Pack


  • Videos Featuring Possible Block Inventions-The site is full of videos showing inventions that real young girls have made, which should give you an idea for what’s possible for your kid.
  • Shirt, Hoodies and Onesies
  • Goldieblox based on Real Research- This includes interviews with neuroscientists, teachers, STEMP experts and of course the girls themselves. Goldieblox is based on the idea that girls have good verbal skills and don’t want to just build things, they want to connect them to stories. This is the reason for all the animals and characters in addition to the blocks.

Goldie Blox sets like this Parade Float one emphasize characters along with the blocks.

K’Nex Industries

K’NEX is a building block company that’s aimed at older audiences of both genders. There are categories for K’nexpert going from 5 all the way up to 12. K’NEX makes it easy to build things with moving parts as well, like roller coasters, cranes, and so on. There’s a lot more complexity here than with Goldieblox. The price is usually a bit higher though, with sets going up to $60 or more, though you do get a lot more with these sets.


  • Download free package instructions from the site
  • Free Shipping $25 Orders
  • 10% of Sales go to
  • K’NEXperts-Submit photos of your builds in different age groups to get featured on the main site.
  • Contests- Contests like the challenge of building a giant turkey are released continually. You can win K’NEX sets this way.
  • Download Challenges- You can download K’Nex building challenges in PDF form. There are hundreds of challenges to download.
  • Motorized Blocks-You can create K’nex that actually move, such as the one for the Mario Kart builds.
  • Huge Variety- While Goldieblocks only has 3 sets presently, K’NEX has been out for a while. There are at least a dozen categories of sets, with a dozen sets in each on average. This includes sets like Mario, Pac-Man, Angry Birds, Beatles, Kiss, Lincoln Logs, Monster Jam, Roary, Sesame Street and others.

Themed builds like this Mario Kart one are common for K'NEX.


K'NEX also gudes you in building large rollercoaster sets like this one.

Head to Head


Girl-Friendly- Goldie Blox is focused especially on girls, adding stories to the creations rather than just straight up building like K’Nex. It could also appeal more to younger audiences since the concepts are often much simpler.

Universal Engineer- K'NEX can be used by girls and boys alike, and the complexity is such that it will appeal to older audiences. The concepts are often a lot more grown up too, with more than just spinning levers and ribbons like in Goldieblox.

Glodie Blox shows off many of the creations of young girls, like in this video.

This video demonstrates how K'NEX is not just for kids since you can create some truly complicated creations.

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